Welding And Shielding Gases


Welding And Shielding Gases

We maintain a large number of gas supply packages for ease and speed of mobilization against customer need.

A range of gases and mixtures based on argon and helium for a wide range of metal joining activities.

These include ISO tanks, cylinder Packs of different sizes (64 cylinder, 48 cylinder & 16 cylinder units) and many thousands of individual cylinders. The company also designs, installs and operates complete Bulk Gases mixing systems for those customers requiring a dedicated supply solution.

Boubyan Gases manufactures offshore cylinder quads/racks (Packs) in-house at our own facility in Kuwait. All new cylinder Packs are manufactured to ISO standards and meet DNV accreditation for offshore usage. The facility also operates a full cylinder maintenance facility including cylinder testing by state of the art ultrasonic examination and Pack refurbishment. This facility represents a substantial investment by the Boubyan Gases to support its expanding operations and provide our customers with superior products and services.